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Roof Valley Iron Replacement

Valley iron is an important component of a roof that’s installed at the bottom of two sloping roof surfaces. It ensures that water from rain and other sources flows away from the house, preventing water damage and helping to maximise the lifespan of your roof. At True Roof, we’re fully capable of providing roof valley iron replacement when damage has occurred and the metal has worn away.

Our roof valley replacement services involve examining and assessing its condition. We can then formulate plans to address any issues and restore or replace the metal as required. Our highly trained and experienced specialists are fully equipped with the latest tools and highest quality materials. We also employ highly effective techniques to get the job done properly.

The Consequences of Damaged Valley Iron

Valley iron that has not been well-maintained and has become damaged can have various consequences of varying severity. Cement from the roofing can flow into the gutter, corroding the metal and causing blockages. As the system is designed to divert rainwater, this can lead to water seeping into the house and causing structural problems.

In addition, valley iron can rust without regular maintenance. This can spread to the gutters, causing small holes that aggravate leakages and make them unfit for use. The specialists at True Roof can recoat the surface and provide roof valley pointing to restore their condition, but this is only useful for superficial problems. Anything worse will require nothing less than a complete replacement.

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