Roof accessory installation

Accessories Offered by Our Roofing Accessories Installers

At True Roof, we stock an impressive selection of roofing accessories for homes and businesses alike. Our roofing solution experts can work closely with clients to understand and accommodate their specific needs. We pride ourselves on leaving clients with a satisfied smile on their faces and peace of mind knowing that their roof is the best it can possibly be.

Our Range of Available Accessories

At True Roof, there’s no shortage of quality options that our roofing accessories installers can provide. Some of these accessories include:

  • Infill Strips – These can prevent dust and water from entering underneath and above metal roof sheets, reducing the risk of damage over time.
  • Anti-Noise Tape – A self-adhesive foam tape that reduces the noise caused by roof sheets expanding and contracting as a result of temperature change.
  • Lead Free Flashing – An environmentally-friendly and easy-to-install solution for roofing structures with a slope of at least five degrees.
  • Ventilators – Available in various models and colours, ventilators are capable of improving indoor air quality and overall standard of living.
  • Sparrow Mesh – Block potential entry points for birds and other pests by installing sparrow proofing under your corrugated profile roof.
  • Cowl Baskets – Cowl baskets can prevent leaves and other debris from clogging up your downpipes.

Our roof accessories are complemented by our many repair and restoration services. These include roof repointing and rebedding, roof pressure cleaning, roof gutter cleaning and roof replacement.

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True Roof is your one-stop shop for quality roofing accessories. Our roofing accessories installers are sure to meet your needs and exceed your expectations. Contact us today for more details and to discuss your requirements.

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