Full Roof Restoration
Full Roof Restoration

Roof Restoration in Melbourne for Homes & Businesses

Even the most durable roofing can deteriorate after years of exposure to the elements and other damaging conditions. For example, harsh winds can cause debris to build up, while heavy rain can lead to serious rusting. Eventually, your roof will need to be restored so it can continue to provide sufficient protection for occupants and belongings inside. Roof restoration addresses structural defects and general instability as well as helping to improve the aesthetic value of your roof.

At True Roof, we’re proud to offer roofing restoration in Melbourne for residential and commercial properties alike. With access to the latest tools and techniques, you can rely on us to get the job done properly and at an affordable price. Our highly skilled specialists can restore various types of roofing, including modern roofing restoration and more. In addition, we also offer assistance with roof repairs, roof installation, and roof pressure washing.

Our Process

At True Roof, our roof restoration contractors use a process that’s second to none. First, we conduct a thorough inspection of your roof to identify damaged tiles and leakages. We then repair these leaks and replace any broken tiles. Next, we use high-pressure cleaning techniques to remove grime and moss, followed by re-pointing and re-bedding of your ridge capping where necessary. Following this, we rinse off your roof and apply anti-fungal biocides to prevent the growth of mould. Finally, we apply protective roof coatings to maximise the stability and durability of your roof.

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